Ninety-six men, women and children died as a result of the Hillsborough Disaster on 15 April 1989. It remains the most serious tragedy in UK sporting history. Thousands suffered physical injury and/or long-term psychological harm. Twenty-three years on, the Panel has negotiated the disclosure of documents from those involved. Its analysis is published in an in-depth Report.

The Report

Disclosed material

  • Over 450,000 pages reviewed

    Documents and other material from the contributing organisations including reports, minutes of meetings, transcripts, witness statements, letters and memos, records of telephone calls.

  • 85 contributors

    Including government departments, police, the coroner and emergency services.

The packed central pens around 3pm

The Independent Panel

Flowers on the pitch at Anfield

The disclosure process

Memorial to the dead and injured

Content: respect and understanding