Annotated copies of: report of Head of Administration & Legal of SCC; extract from Emergency sub-committee (policy) & Interim Taylor report

Papers regarding the disaster: containing draft report from SCC Administration and Legal Department responding to Taylor Inquiry, Agenda of Emergency Sub Committee (policy), memo regarding the Hillsbo ... more

  • Contributor reference: MP8/1/1
  • Unique ID: CJB000000010001

Correspondence relating to disaster appeal & funding of West Midlands Police inquiry, reports & copies of newspaper articles

Papers regarding the disaster including correspondence regarding donations to the Hillsborough Disaster Appeal by other Council's and individuals and funding of West Midlands Police's Inquiry, Interna ... more

  • Contributor reference: MP8/1/2
  • Unique ID: CJB000000020001

Papers relating to compensation payments, disciplinary action and inviting Lord Justice Taylor to view improvements to Sheffield football grounds

Includes a fax (it is not clear who sent or received the fax and the dates on the fax are misleading) regarding how payments of compensation could be paid; letter to Lord Justice Taylor from South Yor ... more

  • Contributor reference: MP8/1/20
  • Unique ID: CJB000000200001

Papers relating to football prior to the disaster

Includes memos and correspondence relating to the draft Football Spectators' Bill and development of Sheffield United and Sheffield Wednesday Grounds.

  • Contributor reference: MP8/1/15
  • Unique ID: CJB000000150001

Papers relating to the offer of resignation by Chief Constable Peter Wright

Includes correspondence from the South Yorkshire Police Authority, copies of newspaper cuttings, reports, press release of Chief Constable Peter Wright announcing his offer of resignation and correspo ... more

  • Contributor reference: MP8/1/11
  • Unique ID: CJB000000110001

Papers relating to the Safety of Sports Ground Act 1975

Includes memos, correspondence, and statistics for crowd numbers at Sheffield football grounds. Includes papers relating to Sheffield Wednesday, Sheffield United and Don Valley Stadium.

  • Contributor reference: MP8/1/14
  • Unique ID: CJB000000140001
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