Complaints and disciplinary action against police officers (contains 2 sub-folders)

Financial costs of Lord Justice Taylor Inquiry, police force inquiries and compensation claims (contains 4 sub-folders)

Hillsborough Disaster Appeal. (contains 1 sub-folder)

Hillsborough Scrutiny of the Evidence: Stuart Smith LJ (contains 16 sub-folders)

Lord Justice Stuart-Smith's Scrutiny Report, published in February 1998 (contains 27 sub-folders)

Lord Justice Taylor's Final Report, published in January 1990 (contains 28 sub-folders)

Lord Justice Taylor's Interim Report, published in August 1989 (contains 26 sub-folders)

Not Known (contains 2 sub-folders)

Private Office Papers (contains 1 sub-folder)

Private Prosecution of David Duckenfield and Bernard Murray, June 2000 (contains 6 sub-folders)