Administrative file including correspondence and papers connected with the organisation of the Inquests

Includes: Correspondence between West Midlands Police and HM Coroner relating to the Summaries in the Body Files and use of documents in the Resumed Inquests.

Contact details of [relatives of the D ... more

  • Contributor reference: CC5/6/3
  • Unique ID: SYC000001370001

Dr Popper's summaries of witness evidence given at the Resumed Inquest including schedules of key themes mentioned by witnesses

The contents of this file are itemised in the covering letter Dr Popper sent to Chris Dorries, 7th July 1997.

Dr Popper gave a summary of each witness appearing at the Resumed Inquest which he used ... more

  • Contributor reference: CC5/6/40
  • Unique ID: SYC000000050001

File of correspondence and legal advice relating to Coroner's Inquests for the Hillsborough Stadium Disaster

Draft typed notes "Coroner's Directions to Jury" and "Instructions to Counsel to advise", with annotations sent to Rotheras, Solicitors [Solicitor for HM Coroner].

File notes of convers ... more

  • Contributor reference: CC5/6/8
  • Unique ID: SYC000000880001

File of papers relating to correspondence between Hillsborough Steering Committee and HM Coroner

Includes letter Letter from Hillsborough Steering Committee to HM Coroner forwarding letters from relatives (and solicitors representing relatives) of the deceased, with specific questions wishing to ... more

  • Contributor reference: CC5/6/10
  • Unique ID: SYC000000900001

File of papers relating to correspondence between Home Office and HM Coroner

Relating to the issue of overlap between the Taylor Inquiry & Coroner's Inquests; The financial costs of the Inquests; Correspondence with questions from Margaret Aspinall (Mother of James Aspinall); ... more

  • Contributor reference: CC5/6/11
  • Unique ID: SYC000000910001

File of papers relating to statistics on the Deceased by J P Nicholl, Medical Care Research Unit, University of Sheffield

Includes report entitled "Hillsborough - Association between time of entry to the ground, age and alcohol consumption". First and revised drafts; Schedule of statistical analysis (records deceased, ag ... more

  • Contributor reference: CC5/6/20
  • Unique ID: SYC000000960001

File of papers relating to the procedures of the Resumed Inquest and requests for Post Mortem Reports, part 2

Includes letter from Hillsborough Steering Committee sent to all solicitors acting on behalf of the relatives of the deceased outlining the formalities of the Coroner's Inquests into named individuals ... more

  • Contributor reference: CC5/6/2
  • Unique ID: SYC000001180001

Handwritten and typed notes [made by HM Coroner] with list of witnesses called, categorised by various subjects

Includes copies of Transcripts.

Subjects include: 1. Alcohol 2. Barrier 3. Closure / Diversion of tunnel, 1988 4. Coach searches 5. Distress Times 6. Landrover tannoy 7. Mounted Officers 8. Plans ( ... more

  • Contributor reference: CC5/6/47
  • Unique ID: SYC000000100001
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