Judicial Review Folder No. 1: Inquest Procedural matters

Includes: Oath for Jury Notes for Pre Inquest Review, Procedure meetings; Notes for opening and closing address; Summing up; Newspaper cuttings; Copies of various other cases

  • Contributor reference: CC5/5/2
  • Unique ID: SYC000001200001

Judicial Review Folder No. 3: Various papers

Includes papers and documents relating to procedures during disasters and contextual documents with copies of transcripts from other mass fatality cases used by Dr. Popper in preparation for the Resum ... more

  • Contributor reference: CC5/5/5
  • Unique ID: SYC000001230001

Judicial Review Folder No. 7: Judicial Review Papers

Includes: Counsel Advice; Handwritten notes; Policy notes; File notes; Correspondence; Meetings; Direction to Jury papers; Index of witnesses; Lists of representatives; Sample Statements; Lists of the ... more

  • Contributor reference: CC5/5/9
  • Unique ID: SYC000001270001

Judicial Review Folder No. 8: Judicial Review - Application

Includes: Papers relating to Judicial Review. Includes Coroner's Affidavit; Exhibit SLP1; Affidavit of [solicitor of relatives on behalf of the 6 families of the deceased requesting Judicial Review- P ... more

  • Contributor reference: CC5/5/10
  • Unique ID: SYC000001280001

Judicial Review Folder No.14: Statements of Dr J Ashton and Mr Ecclestone, [both assisted with the rescue attempts]

Includes: The statements made by Dr J. Ashton, Liverpool supporter & doctor and Mr Ecclestone, Liverpool supporter & Nurse [both assisted with the rescue attempts]; Papers relating to the Transcripts ... more

  • Contributor reference: CC5/5/17
  • Unique ID: SYC000001350001
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