Operational Papers for the 1989 FA Cup Semi Final (contains 2 sub-folders)

South Yorkshire Police audio transmissions from the Police Control Room on April 15th 1989 (contains 1 sub-folder)

Video Footage (contains 1 sub-folder)

Photographs (contains 1 sub-folder)

Casualty Bureau (contains 1 sub-folder)

Witness Statements (contains 1 sub-folder)

Questionnaires (contains 6 sub-folders)

West Midlands Police Major Incident Room Operations (contains 5 sub-folders)

Documents collated during the West Midlands Police Investigation (contains 15 sub-folders)

Records of Chief Superintendent Wain's Inquiry Team, South Yorkshire Police (contains 23 sub-folders)

South Yorkshire Police Records relating to policing football matches and events following the Disaster (contains 1 sub-folder)

Lord Justice Taylor Inquiry (contains 1 sub-folder)

Contribution Hearings (contains 4 sub-folders)

Coroner's Resumed Inquest (contains 2 sub-folders)

West Midlands Police's Complaints Investigation against South Yorkshire Police officers (contains 6 sub-folders)

Duckenfield and Murray Disciplinary Investigation (contains 4 sub-folders)

Lord Justice Stuart-Smith Scrutiny (contains 2 sub-folders)

Information Disclosure requests to South Yorkshire Police (contains 1 sub-folder)

Private Prosecution of Duckenfield and Murray (contains 5 sub-folders)

South Yorkshire Police responses to specific television programmes (contains 2 sub-folders)

Found property, 3D objects and miscellaneous items sent to West Midlands Police (contains 1 sub-folder)

Non South Yorkshire Police Material (contains 7 sub-folders)

Papers relating to investigation following [alleged] conversation between Lord Justice Taylor & Chief Constable Geoffrey Dear, West Midlands Police (contains 1 sub-folder)

Devon and Cornwall Constabulary (contains 1 sub-folder)

West Midlands Police records deposited with South Yorkshire Police (contains 4 sub-folders)