County Fire Service papers relating to fire prevention at Hillsborough Stadium

Original file name: Fire Prevention - Safety of Sports Ground Act 1975 - Correspondence - Licensing Department. Case 1. FP19/2/4' SYCC files passed to the Fire Service in 1986 on abolition of the Sout ... more

  • Contributor: South Yorkshire Police (SYP)
  • Contributor reference: POL/25/6/5
  • Unique ID: SYP000129440001

Draft correspondence dated 22-23 August 1994 between Voluntary Services Unit, Home Office, Prime Minister's Office and David Alton MP

Submission dated 23 August 1994 from David Hardwick, Voluntary Services Unit, to Mr Casey in response to letter from Prime Minister's Office (Doc ID HOM00000344); advice and a draft letter on the mana ... more

  • Contributor: Home Office
  • Contributor reference: n/a
  • Unique ID: HOM000003470001

File labelled "A.C.Crosby"

This file includes the following items:
Blood alcohol concentrations in samples taken from patients admitted to the Royal Hallamshire Hospital;
Correspondence regarding request of medical records, ... more

  • Contributor: Wardrope, Jim
  • Contributor reference: X533/4/5
  • Unique ID: JWR000000250001

File labelled "General Safety Certificates Files"

File of documents collated in relation to the General Safety Certificate. The Files are divided into the following sections and includes copies of relevant documents: File 1: Sheffield Wednesday Footb ... more

  • Contributor: Sheffield City Council (SCC)
  • Contributor reference: X258/2/2/5
  • Unique ID: SCC000001990001

General correspondence: [responses post Disaster] Taylor report & Sheffield City Council employees statements regarding the criminal investigation

This file includes the following items: File of "General Correspondence" [relating to responses post Disaster] including Memorandums, Handwritten notes, Newspaper cuttings, Reports and Minutes of meet ... more

  • Contributor: Sheffield City Council (SCC)
  • Contributor reference: X258/2/6/2
  • Unique ID: SCC000002260001

Hillsborough Disaster Aftermath and Enquiry 42 File 1

This File contains the following items: Transcript from Lord Justice Taylor Inquiry of Mr Collins; Hand written notes; Report to Policy Committee by Sheffield City Council Director of Libraries and In ... more

  • Contributor: Sheffield City Council (SCC)
  • Contributor reference: X485/1
  • Unique ID: SCC000000510001

Hillsborough Inquiry - Chief Fire Officer working file 2 (File no. 56)

This file includes the following items:
Fire Service officer Report/recollection, May 1989.

Chief Fire Officer Submission to the Lord Justice Taylor Inquiry, June 1989.

London Fire Brigade S ... more

  • Contributor: South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service (SYFRS)
  • Contributor reference: SY341/1/7/2
  • Unique ID: SFR000000530001
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