Correspondence about the reimbursement of costs for the investigation undertaken by the West Midlands Police for the Hillsborough Inquiry

Note dated 26 April regarding telephone conversation with Clerk to the West Midlands Police Authority and letter from West Midlands Police Authority regarding costs; further note dated 25 April 1989 ... more

  • Contributor: Home Office
  • Contributor reference: n/a
  • Unique ID: HOM000007090001

Correspondence and report relating to disaster planning

Includes: copy letter from member of the public regarding lists of qualified people who could help in a disaster; correspondence with the Home Office regarding their suggestions; copy of a "Review of ... more

  • Contributor: Sheffield City Council Leader, David Blunkett MP
  • Contributor reference: 1993/104add
  • Unique ID: BLU000000050001

Correspondence concerning medical aid at football grounds and aftercare for those affected

Includes: Copy of letter from Kenneth Clarke to the leader of Liverpool City Council regarding financial support for direct service provision and the proposed Regional Unit established to co-ordinate ... more

  • Contributor: Health and social care organisations, various
  • Contributor reference: CEZ 50/5 vol 1
  • Unique ID: DOH000000020001
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