Correspondence between Sheffield City Solicitor and HM Coroner

Correspondence relates to the sending to the H.M. Coroner's Office the legal judgement in the case of Regina versus H.M. Coroner for South Yorkshire ex parte Stringer and Others

  • Contributor: West Yorkshire Coroner, Western District
  • Contributor reference: N/A
  • Unique ID: WYC000000280001

Correspondence between Sheffield Wednesday Football Club and the Football Trust, principally concerning the CCTV at Hillsborough Stadium, 1985-89

Includes correspondence from Phillips Alarms & CCTV Specialists (UK) Ltd, who fitted the CCTV in 1985, in regards to fitting the initial CCTV at Hillsborough; correspondence relating to the updating o ... more

  • Contributor: South Yorkshire Police (SYP)
  • Contributor reference: POL/9/1/D649
  • Unique ID: SYP000016480001

Correspondence concerning the proposed Granada TV docudrama

Includes notes from a meeting held on 20 December 1995 between South Yorkshire Police and Representatives of Granada TV, regarding the proposed drama documentary.

  • Contributor: South Yorkshire Police (SYP)
  • Contributor reference: POL/23/2/2
  • Unique ID: SYP000131810001

Correspondence from [Police Complaint Authority] regarding the disciplinary charges against Chief Superintendent Duckenfield and Superintendent Murray

Includes: The Hillsborough Tribunal Brief for ACC [Assistant Chief Constable] by Superintendent Fell and correspondence from the Police Complaint Authority to Assistant Chief Constable G. Moore, West ... more

  • Contributor: South Yorkshire Police (SYP)
  • Contributor reference: POL/22/3/1
  • Unique ID: SYP000094930001

Correspondence received file (GP277/8a)

This file includes the following items: Correspondence from Keeble Hawson, Solicitors regarding attendance at the Pre- Inquest Review, October 1990. Correspondence from Reynolds Porter Chamberlain, So ... more

  • Contributor: Sheffield City Council (SCC)
  • Contributor reference: X258/4/8
  • Unique ID: SCC000002600001
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