Correspondence concerning medical aid at football grounds and aftercare for those affected

Includes: Copy of letter from Kenneth Clarke to the leader of Liverpool City Council regarding financial support for direct service provision and the proposed Regional Unit established to co-ordinate ... more

  • Contributor: Health and social care organisations, various
  • Contributor reference: CEZ 50/5 vol 1
  • Unique ID: DOH000000020001

Correspondence concerning the proposed Granada TV docudrama

Includes notes from a meeting held on 20 December 1995 between South Yorkshire Police and Representatives of Granada TV, regarding the proposed drama documentary.

  • Contributor: South Yorkshire Police (SYP)
  • Contributor reference: POL/23/2/2
  • Unique ID: SYP000131810001

Correspondence from Sheffield Wednesday, Sheffield United and Owlerton sports grounds

Letters sent to City of Sheffield Metropolitan District, Administration and Legal Department, Sheffield, concerning information about stewarding plans, first aid facilities and other changes to be imp ... more

  • Contributor: Sheffield City Council (SCC)
  • Contributor reference: CA-MEG/2/9E
  • Unique ID: SCC000000270001

Correspondence received file (GP277/8a)

This file includes the following items: Correspondence from Keeble Hawson, Solicitors regarding attendance at the Pre- Inquest Review, October 1990. Correspondence from Reynolds Porter Chamberlain, So ... more

  • Contributor: Sheffield City Council (SCC)
  • Contributor reference: X258/4/8
  • Unique ID: SCC000002600001

Correspondence regarding the Police Complaints Authority decision and Trevor Hicks' complaint

Includes letter from Police Complaints Authority explaining decision regarding disciplinary action against the South Yorkshire Police Officers (7 May 1991) with response from Chief Constable Leslie Sh ... more

  • Contributor: South Yorkshire Police (SYP)
  • Contributor reference: POL/19/1/13
  • Unique ID: SYP000121200001

Correspondence regarding the requests for the release of South Yorkshire Police documents and Witness Statements

Correspondence between South Yorkshire Police, West Midlands Police, HM Coroner (South Yorkshire: West District), Families of the deceased, Crown Prosecution Service, Hillsborough Family Support Group ... more

  • Contributor: South Yorkshire Police (SYP)
  • Contributor reference: POL/22/1/1
  • Unique ID: SYP000094820001
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