Correspondence received file (GP277/8b)

This file contains the following items:
Correspondence with Keeble Hawson Solicitors and Insurers regarding Legal changes and costs incurred from the West Midlands Police Investigation, September 19 ... more

  • Contributor: Sheffield City Council (SCC)
  • Contributor reference: X258/4/9
  • Unique ID: SCC000002610001

Correspondence regarding issues relating to the private prosecution of Chief Superintendent David Duckenfield and Superintendent Bernard Murray

File labelled "H.M. Coroner"; Correspondence between C. P. Dorries, HM Coroner and Hammond Suddards to Assistant Chief Constable Ian Daines, South Yorkshire Police in relation to documentation issues ... more

  • Contributor: South Yorkshire Police (SYP)
  • Contributor reference: POL/10/12/5
  • Unique ID: SYP000100040001

Correspondence relating to disaster appeal & funding of West Midlands Police inquiry, reports & copies of newspaper articles

Papers regarding the disaster including correspondence regarding donations to the Hillsborough Disaster Appeal by other Council's and individuals and funding of West Midlands Police's Inquiry, Interna ... more

  • Contributor: Sheffield City Council Leader, Clive Betts MP
  • Contributor reference: MP8/1/2
  • Unique ID: CJB000000020001

County Fire Service papers relating to fire prevention at Hillsborough Stadium

Original file name: Fire Prevention - Safety of Sports Ground Act 1975 - Correspondence - Licensing Department. Case 1. FP19/2/4' SYCC files passed to the Fire Service in 1986 on abolition of the Sout ... more

  • Contributor: South Yorkshire Police (SYP)
  • Contributor reference: POL/25/6/5
  • Unique ID: SYP000129440001

Crown Prosecution Service Hillsborough Review May 1997

Review following Granada TV docudrama in December 1996, and Hillsborough Family Support Group representations to Director of Public Prosecutions that evidence was uncovered that had not been considere ... more

  • Contributor: Crown Prosecution Service
  • Contributor reference: FA/2620/01
  • Unique ID: CPS000003030001
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