Judicial Review Folder No.14: Statements of Dr J Ashton and Mr Ecclestone, [both assisted with the rescue attempts]

Includes: The statements made by Dr J. Ashton, Liverpool supporter & doctor and Mr Ecclestone, Liverpool supporter & Nurse [both assisted with the rescue attempts]; Papers relating to the Transcripts ... more

  • Contributor: South Yorkshire Coroner, West District
  • Contributor reference: CC5/5/17
  • Unique ID: SYC000001350001

Letter dated 21 April 1989 from Treasury Solicitors Department to Home Office discussing West Midlands Police collecting Witness statements

Discusses a meeting with Chief Superintendent Pemberton, West Midlands Police and the extent of the West Midlands Police enquiry and seeks confirmation that whilst normally Treasury Solicitors would t ... more

  • Contributor: Home Office
  • Contributor reference: n/a
  • Unique ID: HOM000007060001

Letter from Treasury Solicitor to Home Office: seeks clarification of the status of, and reimbursement of, the West Midlands Police investigation

Letter advising that Mr Brummell and Peter Whitehurst (Treasury Solicitors) had held a useful meeting with Chief Supt Pemberton West Midlands Police who is playing a key role in evidence gathering for ... more

  • Contributor: Home Office
  • Contributor reference: n/a
  • Unique ID: HOM000006290001
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