Actions A5851-A5900

The following action is not present: A5867. The types of actions typically found include: following up on a telephone call with a house visit, taking a statement or questionnaire from someone who has ... more

  • Contributor: South Yorkshire Police (SYP)
  • Contributor reference: POL/8/1/118
  • Unique ID: SYP000127940001

Correspondence relating to disaster appeal & funding of West Midlands Police inquiry, reports & copies of newspaper articles

Papers regarding the disaster including correspondence regarding donations to the Hillsborough Disaster Appeal by other Council's and individuals and funding of West Midlands Police's Inquiry, Interna ... more

  • Contributor: Sheffield City Council Leader, Clive Betts MP
  • Contributor reference: MP8/1/2
  • Unique ID: CJB000000020001

Correspondence, minutes of meetings and press reports relating to the Hillsborough Disaster

Includes: Correspondence from the Social Services Inspectorate Y&H region to Chief Inspector Social Services regarding the initial responses following the disaster. Minutes of meeting between senior S ... more

  • Contributor: Health and social care organisations, various
  • Contributor reference: GSS 9/1 vol 1
  • Unique ID: DOH000000060001

Discipline: Assistant Chief Constable Papers. Read in conjunction with files 1 & 2 and Boxed documents. AF3

Includes memos from South Yorkshire and Merseyside Police, Police Complaints Authority relating to the Police Complaints Authority's decision not to proceed with disciplinary action against the South ... more

  • Contributor: South Yorkshire Police (SYP)
  • Contributor reference: POL/19/1/18
  • Unique ID: SYP000123590001

Extract from file of papers regarding the Hillsborough Stadium Disaster investigation (GP277/5)

This file includes the following items: Witness Statement of Head of Administration and Legal Department, signed, July 1990. File note of telephone conversation with West Midlands Police officer reque ... more

  • Contributor: Sheffield City Council (SCC)
  • Contributor reference: X258/4/4
  • Unique ID: SCC000002560001

File labelled "Alan Powell Deputy Editor To be filed inside Hillsborough (Football) Disaster File"

This File contains the following items:

Letter from Martin Flannery, MP, sent to various newspapers, 15 August 1989, includes annotated typed draft, handwritten draft and newspaper cuttings of the ... more

  • Contributor: Flannery MP, Martin
  • Contributor reference: MPD/100/6
  • Unique ID: MFL000000060001

File labelled "From April 1989 The Hillsborough (Football) Disaster some important papers & the Interim Report"

File of correspondence, Minutes, newspaper cuttings and handwritten notes, largely relating to Hillsborough Labour Party General Management Meetings and the Inquiry by The Press Council of the press c ... more

  • Contributor: Flannery MP, Martin
  • Contributor reference: MPD/100/4
  • Unique ID: MFL000000040001
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