File of papers relating to the "Northern General Hospital's account of events", "Debrief of medical staff" and "Report to the Medical Staff Committee"

This file includes the following items: Draft Debriefing of medical staff regarding the Major Incident at Hillsborough Stadium on 15th April 1989, 28th April 1989. Draft Account of events by the North ... more

  • Contributor: Wardrope, Jim
  • Contributor reference: X533/2/1
  • Unique ID: JWR000000070001

File labelled "Hillsborough Reports"

This file includes the following items: Partial Report (pages 1-3, and 23) outlining a time line of events 14:40 - 15:33 hours and summary of injuries and alcohol levels of the deceased. Notes of issu ... more

  • Contributor: Wardrope, Jim
  • Contributor reference: X533/4/2
  • Unique ID: JWR000000220001

File labelled "Hillsb. Confidential"

Correspondence between Wansboroughs Willey Hargrave Solicitors, J. Wardrope, Consultant in Accident and Emergency Medicine, Professor Scraton, Edge Hill University College, Home Office and Secretary t ... more

  • Contributor: Wardrope, Jim
  • Contributor reference: X533/4/4
  • Unique ID: JWR000000240001

Judicial Review Folder No.14: Statements of Dr J Ashton and Mr Ecclestone, [both assisted with the rescue attempts]

Includes: The statements made by Dr J. Ashton, Liverpool supporter & doctor and Mr Ecclestone, Liverpool supporter & Nurse [both assisted with the rescue attempts]; Papers relating to the Transcripts ... more

  • Contributor: South Yorkshire Coroner, West District
  • Contributor reference: CC5/5/17
  • Unique ID: SYC000001350001

Working file labelled "Various- Solicitors Information", including reports, notes, correspondence, statements and recollections

This File contains the following items:
1. South Yorkshire Metropolitan Ambulance Service Reports: Interim Recommendations, Criticisms of South Yorkshire Metropolitan Ambulance Service, Outline Comm ... more

  • Contributor: Yorkshire Ambulance Service (includes former South Yorkshire Metropolitan Ambulance Service)
  • Contributor reference: AMB/6/5
  • Unique ID: YAS000003100001
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