View material that refers to individuals frequently mentioned in the Report.

This is not a list of all individuals involved, nor does it include those who died.

Names are listed alphabetically by last name.

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Addis, Detective Chief Superintendent Terence

Anderson, Assistant Chief Constable Stuart

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Bennett, Inspector John

Bettison, Chief Inspector Norman

Birts QC, Mr Peter

Blair, Mr Tony - Prime Minister

Bone, Mr Chris

Bruder, Police Constable Derek (off-duty)

Brummel, Mr David

Burns, Dr James

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Calvert, Inspector Clive

Chapman, Superintendent David

Clark, Mr Steve

Creaser, Chief Inspector Robert

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Daines, Assistant Chief Constable Ian

Dalglish, Mr Kenny

Dear, Chief Constable Geoffrey

Denton, Chief Superintendent Don

Duckenfield, Chief Superintendent David

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Eason, Station Officer Paul

Eastwood, Dr Wilfred

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Fell, Superintendent

Forrest, Dr Alexander

Foster, Police Constable Philip

Fraser, Mr Doug

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Goslin, Assistant Chief Constable

Greenwood, Superintendent Roger

Groome, Police Constable Maxwell

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Hayes, Deputy Chief Constable Peter

Higgins, Station Officer Patrick

Hopkins, Deputy Chief Ambulance Officer Alan

Howe, Mr Jim

Huckstepp, Police Constable Brian

Hughes, Mr Moelwyn

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No entries under this letter.

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Jackson, Assistant Chief Constable Walter

Johnson, Chief Constable Brian

Johnson, Mr RC

Jones, Assistant Chief Constable Mervyn

Jones, Professor Alan Wayne

Jones, Professor Stephen

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Kelly, Mr Graham

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Lang, Police Constable

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Mackrell, Mr Graham

Marshall, Superintendent Roger

Maunder, Professor Leonard

McGee, Mr Bert

McKay, Detective Superintendent Graham

Metcalf, Mr Peter

Middup, Police Constable Paul

Mole, Chief Superintendent Brian

Moore, Assistant Chief Constable

Moynihan MP, Mr Colin

Murray, Superintendent Bernard

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Napley, Sir David

Nicholl, Dr Jonathan

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No entries under this letter.

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Page, Mr Don

Patnick MP, Mr Irvine

Phillips, Deputy Chief Constable David

Popper, Dr Stefan - Coroner

Pownall, Brigadier

Pugh, Mr Paul

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No entries under this letter.

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Ryan, Dr Frank

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Saunders, Ms Alison

Sharp, Chief Constable Leslie

Shersby MP, Mr Michael

Slater, Dr David

Smith, Police Constable Peter

Stalker, Mr John

Straw MP, Mr Jack - Home Secretary

Stuart-Smith, Lord Justice Murray

Sykes, Inspector Gordon

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Taylor, Lord Justice Peter

Thatcher MP, Mrs Margaret Thatcher - Prime Minister

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Usher, Professor Alan

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No entries under this letter.

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Wain, Chief Superintendent Terry

Walker, Dr Ed

Wardrope, Mr Jim

Wells, Chief Constable Richard

West, Dr Iain

White, Inspector Harry

Wooler, Mr Stephen

Wright, Chief Constable Peter

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No entries under this letter.

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No entries under this letter.

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