The Report has been written by the Hillsborough Independent Panel about how the disclosed material has added to what was already known about the Hillsborough Disaster.

You can read the Report online or you can choose to download a PDF version of the whole Report or individual sections of the Report. For help on downloading see Read the Report online or download on this page.

Where disclosed material has been referenced in the Report you can go directly to the document by clicking on the relevant footnote.


A summary of why the Panel was appointed, what their role has been, why the process is so important for the bereaved families and survivors and gratitude offered to the bereaved families, the survivors, and all those who contributed to the disclosure process and this site.

Report summary

A brief overview of what the Hillsborough Independent Panel set out to do, how the Report has been structured and descriptions of what each of the 12 chapters is about.

Part 1: Hillsborough: 'what was known'

This provides an overview of what was known, what was already in the public domain, at the time of the Hillsborough Panel's inaugural meeting in February 2010.

Part 3: The Permanent Archive for the Hillsborough Disaster

An explanation of how a permanent archive of the disclosed material will be created, how the material has been contributed, where it will be held, any legislative implications and how the public can access the information.