Part 2: Hillsborough: 'what is added to public understanding'

Within its terms of reference the Hillsborough Independent Panel was given responsibility for deciding on the detailed content of its Report. It was envisaged by the Government that the Report would provide an overview of the documents and other material made available by the contributing organisations.

In carrying out its work, the Panel was greatly assisted by consultations with families and has taken account of their views when researching and analysing the disclosed documents. In that context, the Report focuses primarily on 'how the information disclosed adds to public understanding of the tragedy and its aftermath'.

Part 1 provides a review of 'what was known' or publicly available prior to the Panel's work. Through a detailed analysis of the material disclosed, Part 2 further expands on 'what was known' to explore in detail the key issues raised by families and to provide a full review of what disclosure adds to public understanding.

Chapters 1 to 3 cover the longer-term context through to the circumstances of the disaster focusing on the relationships between the control, management and safety of the crowd and providing a review of institutional responsibilities before, during and after the disaster.

Chapters 4 and 5 consider the emergency response, medical evidence and pathology, the latter focusing on the recording and publicising of blood alcohol levels of all who died, as well as on findings concerning their cause of death.

The range of investigations and inquiries are covered in Chapters 6 and 7, considering the significance of and relationship between parallel investigations. Chapters 8 to 10 address concerns raised by bereaved families regarding the inquests.

Chapter 11 returns to the contentious issue of the process adopted by the South Yorkshire Police and, to a more limited extent, by the South Yorkshire Ambulance Service, for reviewing and altering officers' statements. Finally, Chapter 12 examines the disclosed material to establish how in the immediate aftermath unsubstantiated allegations about the behaviour of Liverpool fans received such prominence in the press.