Programme included details of helpline numbers, half hourly news bulletins and updates on situation at Hillsborough; also contains interviews with: Kenny Dalglish, Liverpool Manager - reaction from ground; Maurice Rowarth, Chairman of Nottingham Forest, reaction from Hillsborough; Rogan Taylor, Chairman of the Footballer Supporters' Association; Graham Beecroft voice piece from Hillsborough and Liverpool fan eyewitness account; Graham Kerr, Liverpool fan who survived the crush; Peter Jones voice piece from Hillsborough plus clip of eyewitness Dr. Glyn Phillips criticising police action and lack of medical aid; Graham Kelly, Chief Executive of FA explaining the decision to have the match played at Hillsborough; Fans returning home; Eddie Loyden MP who was at match.

Unique ID: BRM000000020001
Date(s): 15 April 1989
Contributor: BBC Radio Merseyside
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Original format: Audio-visual
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