Commentary from Hillsborough as it becomes apparent there is a problem; Liverpool fan from Yorkshire describes what he saw, how he survived the crush; Dr. Glyn Phillips - involved in crush at game, gives graphic account of what happened at Leppings Lane - lack of medical equipment, certifying dead etc; Reaction from Liverpool fans who survived the crush criticising police attitude; Clip of Ray Cale-Pay, 18 year old Liverpool fan from Bedfordshire -graphically describes how he carried the dead and dying; Rogan Taylor from Football Supporters' Association on the factors he thinks contributed to the disaster; FA Chief Executive Graham Kelly insisting ground was safe - 'lt was the ideal venue'; Interview with Chief Executive of Liverpool Football Club, Peter Robinson, discussing impact this will have on the club and football in general; Package of material from Royal Hallamshire hospital with doctors, survivors, relatives. Interview with Keva Coombes about his visit to Sheffield; Interview with Sir Harry Livermore, lawyer for Liverpool fans involved in Heysel disaster; Review of newspapers - with Charles Lambert and Sian Williams; Charles Lambert / Graham Beecroft two way phone interview from Sheffield, comparing Hillsborough to Heysel; Radio package - Stress counselling with Merseyside's Chief Emergency Planning Officer Bill Holland; Radio package - church leaders: with Archbishop Derek Worlock and Bishop Michael Henshall on the un-crushable spirit of the people of Merseyside; Live studio two way with Religious Affairs correspondent Graham Carter and Charles Lambert; Second part of disk includes 'Morning Merseyside' programme presented by Jonathan Legard: Includes two way discussion with presenter also at Anfield; Radio package - Yesterday's (16 April 1989) Requiem Mass at the Metropolitan Cathedral in Liverpool with Bruce Grobelaar reading lesson and attendance by Archbishop Worlock, Bishop Michael Henshall and Bishop David Shepherd; Thought for the day with Graham Carter, Religious Affairs producer; Interview with Glen Kirton, FA press officer on decision about whether to replay match; Papers review; Radio package - with relatives of victims; News bulletin - includes roll call of victim's names; Interview with David Mason - Director of Liverpool Social Services, and Peter Hodgkinson, counsellor, Helpline numbers; Interview with Mike Green, Chairman of Sheffield Wednesday Football Supporters Club criticism of police and ticket touts; Radio package from Sheffield - Prime Minster's visit to stadium and Sheffield hospitals; Further two way discussion with presenter at Anfield. Also interview with John Crook, St John's Ambulance Assistant County Commissioner for operations on Merseyside - provision of first aid; Interview with football journalist Simon Inglis - what went wrong; Radio package - Appeals and fundraisers - Lord Mayor of Sheffield Councillor Phyllis Smith, pays emotional tribute and launches fund for families of victims; Interview with Tom Pendry MP - Chairman of the All Party backbench Sports Committee

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Date(s): 16 April 1989
17 April 1989
Contributor: BBC Radio Merseyside
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