Programme examines central themes of report; LJ Taylor press conference; also includes interviews with: Chief Constable Peter Wright; John Smith Chairman of Liverpool FC reading statement on the report's findings (LFC on tour in Scandinavia); Graham Kelly, Chief Exec of FA: making plea for the lessons of Hillsborough to be learnt; defending FA's decision to use Hillsborough as the venue for Cup semi final match; Peter Jackson from the Football Supporters' Association - pleased that majority of Liverpool fans have been cleared of accusations; Henry Thomas, whose son, David died at Hillsborough, on what he wants to happen in the light of Justice Taylor's report; Trevor Hicks, Chairman of the Hillsborough Families' Support Group not happy about the report's assessment of the FA; Graham Mackrell, Secretary of Sheffield Wednesday: saying ground is one of safest in country; Joe Ashton MP, who was among spectators in the ground who says it was obvious that control by the police was not sufficient; Voice piece about Peter Wright's offer to resign following the report; Rogan Taylor, from the Football Supporters Association -reaction to the report; Tom Wharton Chairman of the Football Grounds Improvement Trust's reaction to the publication of the report; Coroner's Inquest - compilation 16 November 1990 - 7 October 1991: Petition handover to DPP to overturn decision re. no criminal charges - 16 Nov 1990; Preview of opening of Generic inquest/ petition handover -16 Nov 1990; Verdicts returned - 28 March 1991 and reaction from: Trevor Hicks from the Hillsborough Family Support Group calling for more action to be taken against police involved; Radio package on reactions to inquest; Rogan Taylor on inquest result and Popplewell report; Tony Bland case - interview with Mr and Mrs Bland; Nicholas Winterton MP on changing the law - 30 August 1991; 7 October 1991 Test case begins in House of Lords re. Nervous shock/ Psychological illness.

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Date(s): 04 August 1989
07 October 1991
Contributor: BBC Radio Merseyside
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