Graham Beecroft - first report from Hillsborough;Interviews with supporters on pitch and at Gate C after the match; Interviews with:Kenny Dalglish; Maurice Rowarth;Graham Kelly; John Smith; Peter Robinson; Rogan Taylor; Colin Moynihan;Speaking with fans arriving back at Lime Street station;Interviews with; Pat Nevin; Eddie Loyden; Peter Wright; Keva Coombes: Archbishop Derek Worlock; Dr. John Ashton; Speaking to LFC fans at 'Rocket' pub; Interview with consultant engineer; social worker appeals for help; Part two of disk covers: Interviews with: Bishop of Warrington, Michael Henshall; Eddie Loyden; Colin Moynihan, Sports Minister clip; Bert Millichip, Chairman of the FA; Dr. Glyn Phillips - Liverpool doctor who was at game; Councillor Keva Coombes (Leader of Liverpool City Council) after visit to Sheffield; Sir Harry Livermore, Liverpool Solicitor; Graham Kelly; Rogan Taylor; Fan eyewitness (Ray Cale-Pay); Bill Holland, Merseyside's Chief Emergency Planning Officer; Archbishop Derek Worlock; Keva Coombes and Dorothy Gavin, Lord Mayor of Liverpool in Sheffield; Graham Beecroft from Hillsborough on Sunday morning; David Mason, Liverpool's Director of Social Services, in Sheffield; Superintendent Tony Pratt, South Yorkshire Police, defending the opening of the gate; Voice piece from All Saints Church; John Smith - setting up the trust fund and decision to suspend all Liverpool games

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Date(s): 15 April 1989
16 April 1989
Contributor: BBC Radio Merseyside
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