Brian Redhead outside Cathedral before Requiem Mass; June Kelly (Today) with relatives of victims, discussing help from social services; Interview with David Mason; Radio package reporting from Sheffield - includes the PM's visit to the stadium, patients in Sheffield hospitals and requiem mass held in Sheffield; Interview with Mike Green Chairman of Sheffield Wednesday supporters' club; Radio package from Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral - Requiem Mass; Radio package reporting on appeal fund set up to help victims and their relatives; Interview with Mr Justice Popplewell - judge who led Inquiry into Bradford fire, defending use of fences in football stadia; Interview with Louis Blom Cooper - chairman of Press Council reacting to press coverage; Interview with Richard Stott, Editor of the Mirror newspaper re. graphic colour pictures used by the paper; Interview with newsagent Paul Flynn from Cable Street, Liverpool, on boycotting newspapers; Interviews with Graham Kelly and Glen Kirton; Interview with Kenny Dalglish on his feelings about the tragedy and his team's visit to Sheffield's Northern General Hospital; Radio package from Anfield about the FA's decision to go ahead with FA Cup; Radio package on Liverpool players visit to Sheffield hospitals; Second part of disk covers End of sports programme with Jimmy Hill and Des Lynam; Special News Report with Martyn Lewis; BBC TV Newsnight special - with Jeremy Paxman - 16 April 1989; BBC; Breakfast time special - 17 April 1989; Running Order of Newsnight Special: with Jeremy Paxman: Laurie Margolis at the Royal Hallamshire Hospital with parents who found their son there alive; brief interviews with staff at hospital on emergency procedures at the hospital, equipment available, caring for mental anguish of survivors; Juliet Bremner at Lime Street station - with family awaiting the return of loved ones plus fans who survived the crush; also Everton fans returning from Villa Park united in grief with Liverpool fans; Belgium Liverpool fan who had been at Heysel; Voice pieces of fans on culpability of police; Jennie Bond on the sequence of events that led up to the disaster; Mike McKay on the police strategy at game, and police struggle to relieve the pressure on fans, includes actuality of disaster as it unfolds; Michael Sullivan on the roots of the disaster - includes actuality of disaster; Shocked and angry fans hurling recriminations at police; Jeremy Paxman interview David Alton MP calling for FA Cup competition to be abandoned, criticising allocation of tickets and speculating on what will be the main focus of the public inquiry; paper review; Kate Adie speaking to fans trying to make sense of the tragedy, plus fans who survived the crush; Everton fans describe their reaction to the news; Breakfast Time Special: Reaction from Archbishop Derek Worlock, Bishop of Warrington Michael Henshall, and Sheffield vicar; Voice piece - Liverpool fans angry at police and FA; Interview with Sir Harry Livermore who was at match - describes congestion at Leppings Lane, calls for an enquiry; Report on efforts to control crowds at match; Interview with Dennis Howell, former labour sports minister on crowd safety. He warned against the use of fencing in stadiums 10 years ago

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Date(s): 16 April 1989
17 April 1989
Contributor: BBC Radio Merseyside
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