Short piece about setting up of legal hotline by Liverpool Law Society; Short interview - John Smith reading statement about postponing decision on whether to take part in rest of this year's FA Cup with criticism of FA; Interview with Colin Harvey (Everton manager) indicating support for LFC's decision about continuing to play in FA cup; Short interview clip with Rex Makin, solicitor, explaining writs issued at Liverpool High Court on behalf of 9 people injured at Hillsborough; Radio package about pilgrimage of fans to Anfield; Interview with Kenny Dalglish about the tributes at Anfield and visiting injured fans in hospital; Radio package on safety standards at Old Trafford (where replay of FA cup semi would be played if it took place); Interview with Keva Coombes on the announcement of a week of mourning; Radio package - criticism of President of UEFA, Jacques George. There have been calls for George's resignation; Radio package - Sheffield City Council enquiry; Radio package on statement by Home Secretary by Douglas Hurd (re. Bringing forward changes to layout of football stadia); Interview with Chief Constable of South Yorkshire Peter Wright and reports on training to be offered to Social Services employees who will deal with aftermath of tragedy; Interview with Alex Taylor, Mersey District Funeral Directors Association spokesman on the distressing task ahead; Radio package from Runcorn School - one pupil lost to tragedy. Audio of classmates plus interviews; Interview with Assistant County Commissioner of St John's Ambulance; Part two of disk covers: Interview with Keva Coombes accusing police of cover-up; Interview with Paul Middup re. allegations that officers dealing with last Saturday's tragedy were punched and kicked; Merseyside Police Federation secretary, Bill Braben describing South Yorkshire police comments as ill advised and badly timed; Rogan Taylor from the Footballers Supporters Association refutes allegations that drunken fans caused the disaster; Frank Code, Vice Chairman of Tranmere Rovers Football Club calling for minutes silence throughout Merseyside one week on from the tragedy; Craig Johnston, former Liverpool player, returns to Anfield from his native Australia; Sheffield landlord refuting allegations about Liverpool fans drinking before game; Radio package - Keva Coombes - council to set up a special working party to make sure the truth is told about Hillsborough; Radio package on inquests opened in Sheffield; Interview - Neil Kinnock at Anfield - praising the spirit of the people of Merseyside; Sheffield Conservative MP Irvine Patnick alleges bad behaviour by Liverpool fans; Radio package - on procession of people leaving tributes at Liverpool's Roman Catholic Cathedral, with Father Paul Thompson; Radio package - preview of memorial service to be held at Tranmere Rovers Football ground; Radio package on 'Ferry Cross the Mersey' remake to raise money for trust fund for victims of the tragedy; Interview with Terry Fields MP - calling for a labour movement inquiry into the disaster; Interview with John Greenway MP - explaining why govt, is now under pressure to withdraw ID card scheme; Interview with John Carlo Galavotti - Italian journalist - on press reaction in Italy; Radio package reporting on the link up between BBC Radio Merseyside's 'Town and Around' show, with BBC Radio Sheffield's Rownee Robinson Show; Two fans respond - accuse South Yorkshire police of looking for excuses for their incompetence; Mayors of Sheffield and Liverpool link up

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Date(s): 18 April 1989
19 April 1989
Contributor: BBC Radio Merseyside
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