Radio package on Glasgow Celtic v Liverpool charity match at Celtic Park to be played on Sunday; Report on removal of tributes left at Anfield; Interview with Law Society spokesman Nicola Harrison on how Liverpool lawyers will make sure fans wanting to give evidence to the police and judicial enquiries can do so; Radio package on arrival of team of West Midlands police officers in Liverpool -beginning investigations into the way South Yorkshire Police dealt with the tragedy; Radio package - LFC deferring decision on whether or not to replay FA Cup semi final; Interview with Rogan Taylor on whether or not LFC should replay FA Cup Semi; Piece about questions in Parliament - about bereaved families losing out on social security benefits if they benefit from Hillsborough Fund; Radio package preview of memorial service to be held at Liverpool's Anglican Cathedral; Interview with Keva Coombes criticising lack of senior Royal Family at memorial service; Interview with Dean of Liverpool, Rev. Derrick Walters on row about Royalty at memorial service; Also Gordon Taylor, chairman of Professional Footballers Association on the same issue; Radio package - Liverpool solicitors 'Linskills' criticised for placing adverts in local press offering services to people affected by Hillsborough; Interview with Mervyn Jones promising full, fair and independent enquiry. Also on setting up of hotline to help police gather evidence; Radio package - two Hertfordshire girls who died at Hillsborough buried in Allerton Cemetery in Liverpool; Statement by John Smith indicating LFC has decided to defer the decision on whether or not to carry on in FA Cup competition; Report into public statement issued by Buckingham Palace re. Non -attendance of senior royals at memorial service; Interview with Lord Lieutenant of Merseyside, Sir Kenneth Stoddart justifying Royal decision re, attending memorial; Interview with David Mason appealing for people suffering from emotional problems since the tragedy to come forward for help; Interview with Bobby Robson, England football manger - England will be playing for Liverpool tonight when they take on Albania; Radio package - police asking people without tickets to stay away from Hillsborough memorial this Saturday

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Date(s): 24 April 1989
26 April 1989
Contributor: BBC Radio Merseyside
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