12/05/89 Trevor Hicks gives evidence at Taylor inquiry; 26/05/89 Chief Superintendent Duckenfield at Taylor Inquiry; 28/07/89 Interim Report Reaction - Dr. John Ashton at Liverpool University; 28/07/89 Rogan Taylor reaction; 29/01/90 5pm Bulletin - publication of Lord Taylor's final report - including Taylor, Waddington, Hattersley, Corfe, Devonside, Peter Jackson; 29/01/90 Simon Inglis - author of Football Grounds book; 09/04/90 Ahead of 1st Anniversary - interview with Joan Traynor who lost her sons Christopher and Martin; 10/04/90 Ahead of 1st Anniversary - interview with Tony O'Neil, survivor, Leppings Lane; 12/04/91 Ahead of 1st Anniversary - memorial service preview, Barry Devonside; 12/04/90 South Yorkshire police officers claim for damages; 19/04/90 Inquest into deaths continues - Doug Fraser, Liverpool Solicitor; 18/04/90 Inquest re-opens, Sarah Darcy, Hillsborough Advice Centre; 06/09/90 Phil Hammond, Hillsborough Family Support Group re. Petition/DPP; 19/06/90 Test Case - "Pre Death Trauma" - Interview with Trevor Hicks; 19/06/90 Package on Test Case hearing at Liverpool Crown Court; July 1990 Press Council publish report into newspaper coverage; 30/08/90 CPS rule that no Police Officers or Officials will face charges; 30/08/90 Reactions from families following DPP decision not to initiate criminal charges; 30/08/90 Paul Middup, South Yorkshire Police Federation; 30/08/90 More Reaction to no criminal charges ruling, includes: Les Jones; Mike Humphries - lawyer for families; South Yorks Police federation; Barry Devonside; 31/08/90 Interview with Trevor Hicks on possible private prosecution; Also: One year on ? unveiling of Memorial at Anfield; Memorial ceremony; Includes roll-call of victims' names

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31 August 1990
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