Papers regarding the disaster including correspondence, Taylor Inquiry Interim Report, Final observations by Andrew Collins QC, Extract from Taylor transcripts, Submission to Taylor Inquiry from Sheffield City Council, leaflets on the Hillsborough Disaster Appeal, Police Operational Orders and copy of article from 'police review'.

Unique ID: CJB000000040001
Contributor reference: MP8/1/4
Date(s): April 1987
August 1989
Contributor: Sheffield City Council Leader, Clive Betts MP
Folder title: Clive Betts' Papers relating to the Hillsborough Disaster
Sub-folder title: All documents
Original format: Paper
Reason not disclosed on this site: This document has been seen and reviewed by the Panel but has not been published on this website. Reasons why some documents have not been published on this website are:
  • They are already available in the public domain.
  • They are of low relevance to the disaster, including administrative documents.
  • They include sensitive medical or other information relating to the deceased or injured, or other members of the public.