Apologies for delay in CPS decision to take over the private prosecution or not; announcement now projected on or before 18 December 1998

Unique ID: CPS000001160001
Contributor reference: FA/2669/01
Date(s): 01 December 1998
Name(s) of the deceased:
Person(s) involved: Chief Superintendent David Duckenfield; Dr Wilfred Eastwood; Superintendent Bernard Murray; Chief Constable Leslie Sharp; Dr Ed Walker; and Dr Iain West.
Organisation(s) involved: Crown Prosecution Service (CPS); and Hillsborough Family Support Group.
Contributor: Crown Prosecution Service
Folder title: Documents provided by CPS
Sub-folder title: CPS review notes relating to private prosecution brought by HFSG including correspondence from July 1998-Jan 1999 with police; DPP private office; defence solicitors; HFSG; Hammond Suddard solicitors; Treasury Solicitors (items 1-178)
Original format: Paper