Includes: Correspondence from the Social Services Inspectorate Y&H region to Chief Inspector Social Services regarding the initial responses following the disaster. Minutes of meeting between senior Social Services Inspectorate managers and other Agencies, 17 April 1989. Copy of Home Secretary statement to the House of Commons, 17 April 1989.Letter from Barry Slater to Private Secretary / Secretary of State regarding Local Authority responses to the disaster. Liverpool City Council press release regarding the Hillsborough Database. Minutes of the Hillsborough Inter Agency Group meetings, 20 April 1989, 24 April 1989, 5 May 1989, 12 May 1989, 19 May 1989, 26 May 1989, 1 Sept 1989, and 13 Oct 1989.Considerations for re-siting a permanent counselling and support centre. Papers relating to the East Midlands Air Crash. Press cuttings from the Yorkshire Post, 17-18 April 1989. "After Hillsborough"

Unique ID: DOH000000060001
Contributor reference: GSS 9/1 vol 1
Date(s): 17 April 1989
19 January 1990
Name(s) of the deceased: John Alfred Anderson; Colin Mark Ashcroft; James Gary Aspinall; Simon Bell; Barry Sidney Bennett; David John Benson; David William Birtle; Paul David Brady; Andrew Mark Brookes; Carl Brown; Raymond Thomas Chapman; Gary Christopher Church; Joseph Clark; Paul Clark; Tracey Elizabeth Cox; Christopher Edwards; Vincent Michael Fitzsimmons; Thomas Steven Fox; Barry Glover; Ian Thomas Glover; Derrick George Godwin; Roy Harry Hamilton; Philip Hammond; Eric Hankin; Gary Harrison; Stephen Francis Harrison; Peter Andrew Harrison; David Hawley; Paul Anthony Hewitson; Carl Darren Hewitt; Nicholas Michael Hewitt; Sarah Louise Hicks; Victoria Jane Hicks; Gordon Rodney Horn; Arthur Horrocks; Thomas Howard; Thomas Anthony Howard; Gary Philip Jones; Richard Jones; Nicholas Peter Joynes; Anthony Peter Kelly; David William Mather; Francis Joseph McAllister; John McBrien; Joseph Daniel McCarthy; Paul Brian Murray; Stephen Francis O'Neill; William Roy Pemberton; Carl William Rimmer; David George Rimmer; Graham John Roberts; Steven Jospeh Robinson; Henry Charles Rogers; Colin Andrew Hugh William Sefton; Paula Ann Smith; Adam Edward Spearritt; Philip John Steele; David Leonard Thomas; Patrick John Thompson; Peter Reuben Thompson; Christopher James Traynor; Martin Kevin Traynor; Colin Wafer; Ian David Whelan; Martin Kenneth Wild; and Kevin Daniel Williams.
Person(s) involved: Assistant Chief Constable Stuart Anderson; Inspector John Bennett; Superintendent David Chapman; Mr Steve Clark; Mr Kenny Dalglish; Chief Constable Geoffrey Dear; Chief Superintendent David Duckenfield; Police Constable Philip Foster; Mr Doug Fraser; Deputy Chief Constable Peter Hayes; Mr Jim Howe; Mr Moelwyn Hughes; Chief Constable Brian Johnson; Mr RC Johnson; Assistant Chief Constable Mervyn Jones; Professor Stephen Jones; Professor Alan Wayne Jones; Mr Graham Kelly; Police Constable Lang; Superintendent Roger Marshall; Mr Bert McGee; Detective Superintendent Graham McKay; Assistant Chief Constable Moore; Mr Colin Moynihan MP; Superintendent Bernard Murray; Mr Don Page; Mr Irvine Patnick MP; Deputy Chief Constable David Phillips; Dr Frank Ryan; Mr Michael Shersby MP; Dr David Slater; Police Constable Peter Smith; Mr Jack Straw MP - Home Secretary; Lord Justice Peter Taylor; Mrs Margaret Thatcher Thatcher MP - Prime Minister; Dr Ed Walker; Chief Constable Richard Wells; Dr Iain West; Inspector Harry White; and Chief Constable Peter Wright.
Organisation(s) involved: BBC; Crown Prosecution Service (CPS); Department of the Environment; Football Association; Football Supporters Association; Health and Safety Executive; Hillsborough Solicitors' Group Steering Committee; Home Office; ITN; Liverpool City Council; Liverpool Daily Post; Liverpool Echo; Liverpool Football Club; Merseyside Police; Northern General Hospital; Nottingham Forest Football Club; Officers' Working Party, Sheffield District; Police Complaints Authority; Police Federation, South Yorkshire branch; Press Council; Red Cross; Royal Hallamshire Hospital; Sheffield City Council; Sheffield Wednesday Football Club; South Yorkshire County Council; South Yorkshire County Fire Service; South Yorkshire Metropolitan Ambulance Service; South Yorkshire Coroner, West District; South Yorkshire Police; South Yorkshire Police Authority; St John Ambulance; Taylor Inquiry; Trent Regional Health Authority; Union of European Football Associations; West Midlands Police; and Yorkshire Post.
Contributor: Health and social care organisations, various
Folder title: Care Quality Commission
Sub-folder title: Social Services Inspectorate
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