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Date(s): 30 July 1989
Name(s) of the deceased: Kester Roger Marcus Ball; Stephen Francis Harrison; Alan Johnston; Alan McGlone; and Paula Ann Smith.
Person(s) involved: Chief Superintendent David Duckenfield; Police Constable Philip Foster; Mr Doug Fraser; Station Officer Patrick Higgins; Deputy Chief Ambulance Officer Alan Hopkins; Mr Jim Howe; Mr Moelwyn Hughes; Assistant Chief Constable Walter Jackson; Chief Constable Brian Johnson; Mr RC Johnson; Assistant Chief Constable Mervyn Jones; Professor Stephen Jones; Professor Alan Wayne Jones; Mr Graham Kelly; Police Constable Lang; Superintendent Roger Marshall; Detective Superintendent Graham McKay; Assistant Chief Constable Moore; Superintendent Bernard Murray; Mr Don Page; Ms Alison Saunders; Police Constable Peter Smith; Mr John Stalker; Lord Justice Peter Taylor; Mrs Margaret Thatcher Thatcher MP - Prime Minister; Dr Iain West; and Inspector Harry White.
Organisation(s) involved: 10 Downing Street; BBC; Cabinet Office; Football Association; Hillsborough Solicitors' Group Steering Committee; Home Office; Nottingham Forest Football Club; Police Complaints Authority; Press Council; Sheffield Wednesday Football Club; South Yorkshire Police Authority; The Sun; and The Times.
Contributor: Newspaper Editions
Folder title: Contemporaneous national and local newspapers
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