Unique ID: SPA000000410001
Contributor reference: SYJA/2/2/22BB
Date(s): 23 April 1990
25 April 1990
Name(s) of the deceased: Christopher Barry Devonside; Philip Hammond; Sarah Louise Hicks; and Victoria Jane Hicks.
Person(s) involved: Chief Constable Leslie Sharp; Lord Justice Peter Taylor; Dr Iain West; Inspector Harry White; and Chief Constable Peter Wright.
Organisation(s) involved: Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO); BBC; Crown Prosecution Service (CPS); Evening Standard; Hillsborough Family Support Group; Home Office; Merseyside Police; Police Complaints Authority; Police Federation, South Yorkshire branch; South Yorkshire Coroner, West District; South Yorkshire Police; South Yorkshire Police Authority; Taylor Inquiry; The Times; and West Midlands Police.
Contributor: South Yorkshire Police Authority (South Yorkshire Joint Secretariat)
Folder title: South Yorkshire Police Authority
Sub-folder title: Agendas, Draft Minutes and Papers (relating to the Hillsborough disaster)
Original format: Paper