Includes report entitled "Hillsborough - Association between time of entry to the ground, age and alcohol consumption". First and revised drafts; Schedule of statistical analysis (records deceased, age, time and Doctor death was certified by, date of hearing, alcohol, pen situated, time of entry through turnstiles/ Gate C, Hospital and vehicle attended).

Unique ID: SYC000000960001
Contributor reference: CC5/6/20
Date(s): 05 March 1991
Name(s) of the deceased: John Alfred Anderson; Colin Mark Ashcroft; James Gary Aspinall; Kester Roger Marcus Ball; Simon Bell; Barry Sidney Bennett; David John Benson; David William Birtle; Paul David Brady; Carl Brown; David Steven Brown; Henry Thomas Burke; Peter Andrew Burkett; Paul William Carlile; Raymond Thomas Chapman; Gary Christopher Church; Joseph Clark; Paul Clark; Gary Collins; Stephen Paul Copoc; Tracey Elizabeth Cox; James Philip Delaney; Christopher Barry Devonside; Thomas Steven Fox; Barry Glover; Ian Thomas Glover; Derrick George Godwin; Philip Hammond; Eric Hankin; Gary Harrison; Stephen Francis Harrison; Peter Andrew Harrison; David Hawley; James Robert Hennessy; Paul Anthony Hewitson; Carl Darren Hewitt; Nicholas Michael Hewitt; Sarah Louise Hicks; Arthur Horrocks; Thomas Howard; Thomas Anthony Howard; Eric George Hughes; Alan Johnston; Gary Philip Jones; Richard Jones; Nicholas Peter Joynes; Anthony Peter Kelly; Michael David Kelly; Carl David Lewis; David William Mather; John McBrien; Marian Hazel McCabe; Joseph Daniel McCarthy; Peter McDonnell; Alan McGlone; Paul Brian Murray; Lee Nicol; William Roy Pemberton; Carl William Rimmer; David George Rimmer; Graham John Roberts; Henry Charles Rogers; Colin Andrew Hugh William Sefton; Inger Shah; Adam Edward Spearritt; Philip John Steele; David Leonard Thomas; Patrick John Thompson; Peter Reuben Thompson; Stuart Paul William Thompson; Peter Francis Tootle; Christopher James Traynor; Martin Kevin Traynor; Kevin Tyrrell; Colin Wafer; Ian David Whelan; Martin Kenneth Wild; Kevin Daniel Williams; and Graham John Wright.
Person(s) involved: Dr Jonathan Nicholl; and Dr Iain West.
Organisation(s) involved: Northern General Hospital; Royal Hallamshire Hospital; and South Yorkshire Coroner, West District.
Contributor: South Yorkshire Coroner, West District
Folder title: Administrative and Correspondence Files
Sub-folder title: All documents
Original format: Paper