Includes: Agenda for meetings, Summaries of attendance at Hillsborough pre Disaster, Press Releases, Notes of conversations, Draft Pro Forma outline of Inquests, Correspondence Minutes of meeting to discuss procedural matters

Unique ID: SYC000001360001
Contributor reference: CC5/6/1
Date(s): 14 April 1989
20 September 1990
Name(s) of the deceased: Inger Shah; and Ian David Whelan.
Person(s) involved: Detective Chief Superintendent Terence Addis; Mr Tony Blair - Prime Minister; Dr James Burns; Mr Steve Clark; Chief Constable Geoffrey Dear; Chief Superintendent David Duckenfield; Dr Wilfred Eastwood; Dr Alexander Forrest; Police Constable Philip Foster; Mr Doug Fraser; Superintendent Roger Greenwood; Deputy Chief Ambulance Officer Alan Hopkins; Mr Jim Howe; Assistant Chief Constable Walter Jackson; Assistant Chief Constable Mervyn Jones; Professor Stephen Jones; Professor Alan Wayne Jones; Mr Peter Metcalf; Chief Superintendent Brian Mole; Superintendent Bernard Murray; Mr Don Page; Dr Stefan Popper - Coroner; Chief Constable Leslie Sharp; Dr David Slater; Police Constable Peter Smith; Lord Justice Peter Taylor; Professor Alan Usher; Dr Ed Walker; Mr Jim Wardrope; Chief Constable Richard Wells; and Dr Iain West.
Organisation(s) involved: Crown Prosecution Service (CPS); Eastwood & Partners; Football Association; Football Supporters Association; Hammond Suddards; Health and Safety Executive; Hillsborough Family Support Group; Hillsborough Solicitors' Group Steering Committee; Home Office; Merseyside Police; Municipal Mutual Insurance; Northern General Hospital; Nottingham Forest Football Club; Police Complaints Authority; Police Federation, South Yorkshire branch; Red Cross; Royal Hallamshire Hospital; Russell Jones & Walker; Sheffield City Council; Sheffield Wednesday Football Club; South Yorkshire County Fire Service; South Yorkshire Metropolitan Ambulance Service; South Yorkshire Coroner, West District; South Yorkshire Police; South Yorkshire Police Authority; St John Ambulance; Taylor Inquiry; The Times; and West Midlands Police.
Contributor: South Yorkshire Coroner, West District
Folder title: Administrative and Correspondence Files
Sub-folder title: All documents
Original format: Paper