Regarding allegations made by Leslie Jones, father of Richard Jones [Deceased 63], Trevor Hicks, father of Victoria Hicks [Deceased 89] and Sarah Hicks [Deceased 64], and Joan McBrien, mother of John McBrien [Deceased 68], relating to events preceding, during and immediately following the Disaster. Investigations against Superintendent Roger Marshall, South Yorkshire Police. It was included in the report submitted to the Director of Public Prosecutions as Appendix C, Part VII (Pages 544 - 715); The specific allegations made by Mr Hicks are: 1. He failed to prevent a dangerous build up of supporters outside the gates; 2. He failed to control the movement of supporters subsequent to the opening of Gate C; 3. He failed to respond to the developing tragedy and was slow to affect a rescue Operation; The specific allegations made by Mr Jones are: 1. He failed to control and filter fans away from the immediate vicinity of the turnstiles even after 14:17 hours, when it was obvious he had lost control of the turnstile area. He should have acted by 14:30 hours at the latest; 2. He gave no order to restrict the approach of those fans, or after 14:30 hours, to stop the fans entering Leppings Lane; The specific allegations made by Mrs McBrien are: 1. He failed to prevent a build up of Liverpool supporters at the turnstiles of Leppings Lane by inadequate poling arrangements; 2. He should not have requested Chief Superintended Duckenfield to open the gates under any circumstance and thereby giving unlimited and uncontrolled access into the football ground by supporters; (Pages 1 - 140) Transcript of criminal interview; (Pages 141 - 144) Transcript of disciplinary interview; (Pages 145 - 172) Written submission [statement] by Superintendent Roger Marshall. Original Statement number S4A; (Pages 173 - 174) Copy of circular sent to members on Anti-Poll Tax groups signed by Superintendent Roger Marshall.

Unique ID: SYP000038880001
Contributor reference: WMP/2/3
Date(s): 19 June 1990
Name(s) of the deceased: Sarah Louise Hicks; Victoria Jane Hicks; Richard Jones; and John McBrien.
Person(s) involved: Chief Superintendent David Duckenfield; Police Constable Philip Foster; Mr Jim Howe; Assistant Chief Constable Mervyn Jones; Professor Stephen Jones; Professor Alan Wayne Jones; Superintendent Roger Marshall; Mr Don Page; and Dr Iain West.
Organisation(s) involved: BBC; Football Association; Health and Safety Executive; Merseyside Police; Nottingham Forest Football Club; Police Complaints Authority; Sheffield Wednesday Football Club; South Yorkshire Police; St John Ambulance; Taylor Inquiry; and West Midlands Police.
Contributor: South Yorkshire Police (SYP)
Folder title: West Midlands Police records deposited with South Yorkshire Police
Sub-folder title: Report to the Director of Public Prosecutions: Part VII: Appendix C: Transcript of interviews
Original format: Paper

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