Regarding allegations made by Trevor Hicks, father of Victoria Hicks [Deceased 89] and Sarah Hicks [Deceased 64], relating to events preceding, during and immediately following the disaster; This is the transcript for the interview taken by West Midlands Police as part of the disciplinary and criminal investigations against Superintendent Bernard Murray, South Yorkshire Police. It was included in the report submitted to the Director of Public Prosecutions as Appendix C, Part VII (Pages 916 - 1128); The specific allegations made against Superintendent Bernard Murray are: 1. He failed to prevent a dangerous build up of supporters outside the Leppings Lane turnstiles; 2. He failed to control the movement of supporters subsequent to the opening of Exit Gate C; 3. He failed to send police officers to the rear of Pens 3 and 4 of the West Stand terraces to relieve pressure when he was in control of this area and knew Exit Gate C had been opened to allow supporters in; 4. He failed to carry out his assigned duty by placing himself by the player's tunnel. He should have been aware of the dangerous situation using his radio and his eyes and controlled police officers accordingly; 5.He failed to give instructions to police officers to monitor the Pens in the West Stand terraces for overcrowding in relation to crowd safety at his briefings; 6. He failed to respond to the 'developing tragedy' and was slow to effect a rescue operation; 7. He was 'totally ineffective' in mounting a rescue and made no attempt to organise police officers in a way that would have helped bring about a successful rescue operation; (Pages 1 - 211) Transcript of criminal interview; (Pages 212 - 215) Transcript of disciplinary interview.

Unique ID: SYP000038900001
Contributor reference: WMP/2/5
Date(s): 25 July 1990
Name(s) of the deceased: Sarah Louise Hicks; and Victoria Jane Hicks.
Person(s) involved: Superintendent Bernard Murray; Mr Don Page; Dr Ed Walker; and Dr Iain West.
Organisation(s) involved: Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO); Nottingham Forest Football Club; Police Complaints Authority; Red Cross; Sheffield Wednesday Football Club; South Yorkshire Police; South Yorkshire Police Authority; The Times; and West Midlands Police.
Contributor: South Yorkshire Police (SYP)
Folder title: West Midlands Police records deposited with South Yorkshire Police
Sub-folder title: Report to the Director of Public Prosecutions: Part VII: Appendix C: Transcript of interviews
Original format: Paper

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