A Resume [by South Yorkshire Police] is appended to the front noting the relevance to South Yorkshire Police; The report outlines the development of a national policy in the policing of football, the development of football hooliganism and the polices' responses for example, National Football Intelligence Unit, CCTV, liaison with other bodies and national legislation. The report identifies problem areas including old football grounds, Capacities and Safety Certificates, Late arrivals and banned supporters, Ticket Touts, Communications, Intelligence, Cost, Stewarding, Training and The Football Spectators Bill. The Submissions concludes with recommendations. Appendices: A. ACPO Sub Committee on Hooliganism at Sporting Events: "Guide to Policing Football", October 1987. B. Outline proposals for National Football Intelligence Unit, July 1988. C. Proposals for the Identification/Prosecution of hooligan gangs and the raising of behavioural thresholds at football grounds. D. Note of the meeting of divisional football league Commanders, 17th June 1986. E. Costs of policing football, 1987/1988 season. F. ACPO correspondence on the Football Spectators Bill: Letters from the Chairman of the Sub Committee to the Home Office and to J. Goddard, February - May 1989. G. ACPO evidence to the Committee of Inquiry into Crowd Safety and Control at Sports Grounds, July 1985. H. ACPO evidence to the Committee of Inquiry into Crowd Safety and Control at Sports Grounds, Second Report September 1985.

Unique ID: SYP000098100001
Contributor reference: POL/10/10/D137
Date(s): June 1989
Name(s) of the deceased:
Person(s) involved: Assistant Chief Constable Walter Jackson; Assistant Chief Constable Moore; Mr Don Page; Deputy Chief Constable David Phillips; Dr Stefan Popper - Coroner; Lord Justice Peter Taylor; Dr Iain West; Inspector Harry White; and Chief Constable Peter Wright.
Organisation(s) involved: Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO); Department of the Environment; Devon and Cornwall Constabulary; Football Association; Health and Safety Executive; Home Office; Merseyside Police; Nottingham Forest Football Club; Officers' Working Party, Sheffield District; Sheffield Wednesday Football Club; South Yorkshire County Fire Service; South Yorkshire Police; South Yorkshire Police Authority; Taylor Inquiry; The Sun; and West Midlands Police.
Contributor: South Yorkshire Police (SYP)
Folder title: Records of Chief Superintendent Wain's Inquiry Team, South Yorkshire Police
Sub-folder title: Documents collated during the South Yorkshire Police investigation (First Series)
Original format: Paper

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