Handwritten notes outlining the evidence against Chief Superintendent David Duckenfield. Charge 1: Neglect of duty to acquaint himself with aspects of planning and personal preparation that was required for the role of commanding officers for the FA Cup Semi Final at Hillsborough Stadium. (e.g.: failed to account the advice and instructions of documentation, layout and geography of Hillsborough, failure to visit the ground before approving the Operational Order, failure to understand the duties and responsible of Sheffield Wednesday Football Club staff and officials);

Unique ID: SYP000121030001
Contributor reference: POL/19/2/15
Date(s): 1991
Name(s) of the deceased:
Person(s) involved: Chief Inspector Robert Creaser; Chief Superintendent David Duckenfield; Superintendent Roger Greenwood; Mr Jim Howe; Assistant Chief Constable Walter Jackson; Mr Graham Mackrell; Superintendent Roger Marshall; Chief Superintendent Brian Mole; Superintendent Bernard Murray; Mr Don Page; Lord Justice Peter Taylor; and Dr Iain West.
Organisation(s) involved: Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO); Sheffield Wednesday Football Club; South Yorkshire Police; and Taylor Inquiry.
Contributor: South Yorkshire Police (SYP)
Folder title: Duckenfield and Murray Disciplinary Investigation
Sub-folder title: Charges against Duckenfield and Murray and related papers
Original format: Paper