Regarding points that they would like witnesses to comment on at the resumed inquest, in particular regarding the build up of the crown outside the turnstiles.

Unique ID: SYP000135780001
Contributor reference: POL/16/3/D129
Date(s): 25 October 1990
Name(s) of the deceased:
Person(s) involved: Station Officer Paul Eason; Police Constable Philip Foster; Deputy Chief Constable David Phillips; Dr Stefan Popper - Coroner; Lord Justice Peter Taylor; and Dr Iain West.
Organisation(s) involved: Elrond Engineering Ltd; Hammond Suddards; Merseyside Police; South Yorkshire Coroner, West District; South Yorkshire Police; Taylor Inquiry; and West Midlands Police.
Contributor: South Yorkshire Police (SYP)
Folder title: Coroner's Resumed Inquest
Sub-folder title: Documents collated for the Resumed Inquest
Original format: Paper