This File contains the following items: 1. South Yorkshire Metropolitan Ambulance Service Major Incident Plan. With annotations (3 versions, 1985,2 undated). 2. Letter from Dibb Lupton Broomhead Solicitors enclosing photographs of a presentation by South Yorkshire Metropolitan Service (22 August 1989). 3. National Staff Committee for Ambulance Staff: Training Ambulance Staff Manual Basic Course in Ambulance Staff: Background Notes and Defibrillation training manual. The Plan and photographs referred to in letter dated 9 August 1989 were not present in the file at the time of Cataloguing, February 2010.

Unique ID: YAS000003070001
Contributor reference: AMB/6/2
Date(s): April 1985
August 1989
Name(s) of the deceased: John Alfred Anderson; and Brian Christopher Mathews.
Person(s) involved: Assistant Chief Constable Stuart Anderson; Inspector John Bennett; Mr Chris Bone; Dr James Burns; Chief Constable Geoffrey Dear; Station Officer Patrick Higgins; Deputy Chief Ambulance Officer Alan Hopkins; Mr Jim Howe; Assistant Chief Constable Walter Jackson; Police Constable Lang; Mr Don Page; Dr David Slater; Police Constable Peter Smith; Inspector Gordon Sykes; Dr Iain West; and Inspector Harry White.
Organisation(s) involved: Barnsley District General Hospital; British Medical Journal; Northern General Hospital; Royal Hallamshire Hospital; South Yorkshire County Fire Service; South Yorkshire Metropolitan Ambulance Service; South Yorkshire Coroner, West District; South Yorkshire Police Authority; The Sun; and Trent Regional Health Authority.
Contributor: Yorkshire Ambulance Service (includes former South Yorkshire Metropolitan Ambulance Service)
Folder title: Hillsborough Disaster Working Files
Sub-folder title: All documents
Original format: Paper