The majority of the documents disclosed on this website date from the late 1980s and early 1990s.  Most are typewritten, some handwritten.  The original text is not available in a digital form, however the pdfs include an accessibility layer for use with screen reader tools.The downloadable pdfs of the Report also include an accessibility layer.

Accessibility support features are available in Adobe Reader, however the features may vary according to the version of Adobe Reader you are using.  Versions 6.0 and above include a text-to-speech converter called 'Read out loud'.

To get the most benefit from the accessibility layer, we recommend that you download the most recent, full-product version of Adobe Reader, and set it up to open in a separate Adobe Reader window, rather than in your browser window.

Note: The accessibility layer contains a text version of the content of the scanned document.  This has been created by Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software that attempts to recognise the original typed or handwritten characters from their scanned images. Most documents on this site are around 20 years old. The completeness and accuracy of the text in the accessibility layer varies depending on the condition and legibility of the paper document. 

You may find it useful to consult Adobe's website accessibility section at: